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Welcome to TBMGLOBALBRAND, we help you buy goods from china to Nigeria via 1688 , Pinduoduo etc

Kindly read our policy below
1. Kindly stick to one TBM Rep for all your transactions.

2. Our minimum links order is N20,000 worth of goods.

3. Initial deposit of N2500 is to be made as commitment fee before we start working on any orders, the deposit is to be deducted from the total 10% of the calculation of your orders.

4. If you have a budget kindly indicate ahead to the rep so we can work around your budget.

5. We do not refund on deposit even if the quotation is beyond your budget or you changed your mind.

6. We only allow corrections and adjustment of link once, no third time correction. Transaction becomes Void.

7. Always write name,phone number above your links. And indicate shipping method (Cargo or Sea). Your links must be sent in one text neatly spaced and input accurate specifications. If you are an existing customer of skyjet add your code.

8. If some of your orders is within the same seller store. Above the links indicate LINK 1-5 SAME STORE, OR 9-11 SAME STORE.

9. We buy goods 24hrs after payment.

10. Tracking number will be sent 2-7 working days after payment/purchase.

11. We use skyjet logistics to buy bulk goods from 1-5links or more. Fish logistics for 1-2 links.

12. If your goods get missing or incomplete when you receive we will communicate with the supplier to know why it’s not complete. We can only message and apply for refund for incomplete goods on the website.

13. We do not refund in naira I your link is out stock or not shipped. We refund in china currency (That is you can use for your next purchase or use to pay a supplier of your choice, or get a friend to help you use it.)

TBM GLOBAL BRAND PROCUREMENT is governed by the above policy for effective transaction process, going ahead with with orders means you have agreed to the terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing TBM GLOBAL BRAND


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